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Dog story

In Slate, Jon Katz offers a tribute to Rose, his border collie. Nicely done. [tags] border collie [/tags]

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Who says this isn’t cute, too?

My dog looooooves visiting my parents . . . [tags] Corgi, dog [/tags]

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Warning: Corgi puppy

Don’t click if you don’t do cute. hee hee hee [tags] Corgi puppy [/tags]

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Corgis and children

Some years ago, a Corgi rescue organization asked permission to reprint a post I wrote for a Yahoo forum on their website. They folded my post into an article they published for people who wonder if Corgis are a good … Continue reading

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But is a bark ever just a bark?

In England, that country’s Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is now offering a course in barking for dog owners, reports Nicola Woolcock for the London Times. The course doesn’t teach people to bark. It teaches people how … Continue reading

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Time for a bulldog break!

Hop over to the The Daily Puppy — they’ve got the cutest little bulldog mug posted this morning! [tags] puppy [/tags]

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The nose knows

In this case, it was a Golden Retriever’s nose. Her name is Wrigley, and she knew something wasn’t quite right with her human companion, Steve Werner. Steve’s doctor hadn’t been able to figure out why he’d been experiencing some troubling … Continue reading

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Rousseau’s Dog

That post title is a book title, so of course I had to blog about it ;-) The book is by David Edmonds and John Eidinow, it’s about Jean-Jacques Rousseau and David Hume, and it’s been reviewed by Darrin McMahon … Continue reading

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My next puppy :-)

Might just be one of these. [tags] papillon, puppy [/tags]

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They liked it

Another nice review of Outwitting Dogs, in this newsletter from Bangor, Maine (pdf file). The review was originally published last year, however, so I don’t think it explains last week’s Amazon bump. [tags] Outwitting Dogs [/tags]

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