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Loose Dogs, On Sale Now! $3.99!

Very excited here — today’s the big day! The ebook version of Loose Dogs is officially available from: Smashwords Amazon Barnes & Noble    Looking to save a couple dollars? I don’t blame you! Sign up for my e-newsletter and … Continue reading

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Writing, Dreams, and Consciousness

Hiya! I took a break from fiction to finalize a non-fiction piece that’s been almost-completed for months now. It’s on one of my favorite topics: the relationship between writing, dreams, and states of consciousness :-) Yeah, I know, dorky!!! :-D … Continue reading

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Preface to the Revised Edition of Libby

The deed is done. I’ve revised Libby. I’ve resubmitted the novel for publication. I’ve asked Amazon to notify people who have already downloaded the book, so they have the opportunity to switch to the revised edition if they’d like. I’ll … Continue reading

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mama did NOT say there’d be days like this. exactly. lol

So I’m giving away five copies of Can Job, print edition, on Goodreads. And I’ve been monitoring how my giveaway has compared to the others by watching it in the site’s “Most Requested” list. I check again this morning — … Continue reading

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Hiya, Festivusians!

Thanks for stopping by! As I may have mentioned when we met, Can Job is my latest novel — a story about DipTych Corporation, a fabled company based in Borschtchester, N.Y. DipTych is a fine old company. It makes can … Continue reading

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Okay, this is it . . .

New cover for Can Job. Next up: get it out in print form . . .  

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so how’s this cover?

Thanks to the tremendous feedback I got a week or so ago, I decided to hire a professional to redo my Can Job book cover: Derek Murphy of Creative Indie Covers. We’re still tweaking, so it’s a work in progress … Continue reading

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Booking Through Thursdays. Mama don’t take my e-reader away.

Today’s BTT prompt: E-readers like the Kindle and iPad are sweeping the nation … do you have one? Do you like it? Do you find it changes your reading/buying habits? If you don’t have one, do you plan to? Yes, … Continue reading

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Free ebooks!!!

It’s Freebie Friday over at Webbiegrrl’s Writings — and my novel Can Job is one of the featured books! Can Job is a comic novel of course. But if you’re into thrillers, you can also pick up free copies of … Continue reading

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SampleSunday. From Can Job…

Poor Taylor. Her mother got her a PR job at Diptych Corporation, and she’s definitely in over her head . . . __________________________________ “Taylor.” Basil wet his lips. “We should probably get together right after this. Are you free?” Taylor … Continue reading

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