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Happy Independence Day!

:-) Be back to blogging soon :-)

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How they find me

I have access to a couple different website traffic statistics services through my hosting plan, and every once in awhile I scan the list of search phrases people have used to find this blog. Some of them match up pretty … Continue reading

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It’s not a watchamajigger after all

It’s a captcha. Isn’t it a relief to find out something has a name? Not that “secret code word” doesn’t work in a pinch . . . Brought to you, btw, courtesy of the Wordcraft “word of the day.” [tags] … Continue reading

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Rochester blogger Chuck Simmons is hosting the 40th Carnival of Katrina Relief. He writes: It’s an issue that has dropped off the media screens, but shouldn’t. There’s way too much work left to do. [tags] Katrina, hurricane relief [/tags]

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The answers are in

Evil Editor has published the answers to his match-the-title-t0-the-synopsis contest. I picked three right. No prize for me! :-) Here are the fake synopses I contributed: Little Girl Blue Will a sex-change operation finally enable a ravishing but desperately insecure … Continue reading

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To blog or not to blog . . .

If you’re a writer-o’-books, the answer to this question is “depends on who you ask.” Miss Snark has recommended that novelists be cautious about blogging — because when you’re blogging, you’re not working on your novel. But she also wrote, … Continue reading

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Syndication for blog posts

Some weeks ago, I was invited to submit blog posts to Linkadelic magazine, a website that is part of a venture called CoMagz. CoMagz is a tool that lets online communities compile content (whoa, accidental alliteration!) (whoa whoa, happened again!) … Continue reading

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Tell “goto” where to go. To.

I received an email today, at my blogsite addy, from The Editor. It struck a kind of familiar tone, which is strange because I don’t recall having been introduced to The Editor before. And now he/she has popped up with … Continue reading

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All a writer wants

“Good readers, and a bit of company in the evenings.” Yes. Quote by Chandrahas Choudhury, in the post he wrote to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his taking over The Middle Stage. Do click and read the piece; he has … Continue reading

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I have a head cold

It’s the first one I’ve had this season, which is quite an accomplishment considering that I live with a seven-year-old who counts among her primary functions congregating with 20-odd other seven-year-olds and mopping up a wide variety of microbes to … Continue reading

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