“Bye-Bye Barbara–The Play”

Omg this is funny!

Via Miss Snark . . .

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3 Responses to “Bye-Bye Barbara–The Play”

  1. Gilhoughly says:

    Your link to Miss Snark only goes to her blog, but not to the Bye-BYe, Barbara blog. People have to wade through a lot of postings to find the link, which is hard to find.

    The direct route to the right blog is:


    Cheers– Gillhoughly

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi, Gillhoughly, thanks for commenting —

    There are actually two links in my post. If you click on “this is funny” you’ll go to the play.

    The Miss Snark link is there as a hat tip, credit where credit’s due. Plus after all this I’ve realized its a VERY good idea to stay on Miss Snark’s good side. :-D

  3. Gilhoughly says:

    LOL–ya got me there!

    I’m thinking a WWF match between Miss Snark in her stilettos VS. Barbara Bauer in her night club singing frock with 5 out of 5 odds on Miss Snark.

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