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CAN JOB Kindle Giveaway starts Feb 17!

If you haven’t read Can Job here’s your chance to grab a free copy! Can Job on Amazon, Free for Kindle Saturday February 17 – Wednesday February 21, 2018. This is a New Cover Celebration :) (Don’t have a Kindle? … Continue reading

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Famous neighbors: Scott Adams

I blogged a few years back about how Camille Paglia lived, for a time, in my hometown of Oxford, NY. Turns out I had another someday-would-be-famous neighbor — not quite so close as in the same town, but I’m still … Continue reading

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On Resolutions

I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions over the past couple of weeks. I like to set resolutions. I know some people don’t. But my thinking is very much along the lines of Sarah Hoyt’s, as she blogs about it … Continue reading

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Final cover, Dark Chemistry

It’s done :-) What do you think?

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Into the body of the protagonist

Via Futurity, researchers  at Emory University’s Center for Neuropolicy are exploring what happens to your brain when you read a novel. It’s a small study, but intriguing — and reinforces my sense that what we experience internally is, in some … Continue reading

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RACGate Update

I’ve been diligently pursuing RAC and LA Fitness to try to get some resolution to my request for a refund, as I laid out in my previous post here. Here’s what’s happened since I first posted: 1. I talked to … Continue reading

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Thanks all who stopped by!

I’ve closed the chat room. It went . . . okay. I will do it again, in fact — when I’ve worked out a few kinks. Including the one where the chat room plug-in assigned and re-assigned random numbers to … Continue reading

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Amazon Gift Cards: Giveaway to Celebrate Loose Dog Launch!

Look what I made :-) My very own customized Loose Dogs Amazon gift cards! I’ve bought three $10 cards — and I’ll be giving them away next Saturday, March 23, to celebrate the launch of the book. Click to read … Continue reading

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