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The great pheromone debate =O

Is this cool or what? Scent psychologist Avery Gilbert debates neuro- and olfactory scientist Leslie Vosshall about whether pheromones exert any meaningful effects on humans. Click the link to watch — a 3 minute clip. And root for Leslie :) … Continue reading

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Soooooo close!!!!

The novel is coming. VERY SOON. Are you excited? I sure am!!!! AND: the peeps who had a sneak peek are all saying it’s my best one yet :D Will be available for all major e-readers plus print! Subscribe to … Continue reading

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Body, together

So it’s been a long time since I did a post on health-related stuff. Partly owing to the evolution (de-evolution?) of the blog. When I first started blogging in whenever it was — 2006 I think? — I threw up … Continue reading

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Beagle Date

I once caught a beagle, a stray. Long tongue, worldly eyes. The kind that make the ladies sigh. I lured him to the yard and shut the gate. But he didn’t stay. Before I got to my phone he’d found … Continue reading

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To RAC/Fitness First & LA Fitness: DO THE RIGHT THING

Late last week, the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) announced that it had sold two of its Rochester, NY locations to LA Fitness. One of them is the club where I work out. I wouldn’t mind all that much, except for … Continue reading

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On pheromones

One of the big “what if” questions that got me started on my current novel-in-progress, Dark Chemistry, was this: What if a bad guy figured out how to manipulate a woman using pheromones? So as I started working on the … Continue reading

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The Strong Female Character, con’t

Writing in The New Statesman, author Sophia McDougall makes some interesting observations about “The Strong Female Character:” that what passes for strength, on the movie screen at least, is often an act of unjustified (or barely justified) physical violence: [T]here … Continue reading

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Thanks, you guys!

My short story, BJs on the Roof, has ranked in the Top 100 in Amazon’s free “Humor category.” Thank you so much, all, for downloading your copy!!!

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Dark Chemistry

I’m still here! Just heads down working on the next novel, Dark Chemistry. I’m working with my cover designer, Derek Murphy, on a cover (the one pictured left is a possibility!) [EDIT: Updated to display the final cover!] And here’s … Continue reading

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Loose Dogs in the Apple Store

If your e-reader of choice is an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks — or if you download ebooks onto your computer via iTunes, you’re in luck! My novels are available through the Apple store. Here’s Loose Dogs. My … Continue reading

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