garter snakes

No, these are not rattlesnakes. They are garter snakes. But you get the idea.

Dream a couple  nights ago.

Rattlesnake infestation.

But I was handling it, in typical “made sense at the time” dream logic: I was picking them up (no, not with my hands! with a stick!) and . . . putting them into books.

Large, thick books, they were, with the pages partially scooped out in the middle. Plenty heavy enough to contain a rattlesnake.

And as it happens, I’m editing Loose Dog — and one of the things I’m doing is fleshing out a couple of the characters a bit more.

Which means I’m making them more human.

Which means I’m showing a bit more of how slithery they can be.

Get into the book, you slithery character, you ;-)

Incidentally, I’m also working on the plotting.

I can show that here without the use of random nature photos, because I use stickies to help me visualize the relationship between plots and subplots.

Here’s what the book looked like a couple weeks ago.

I’d front-loaded the backstory about my protag’s relationship with her ex-fiance (blue stickies on the left). Decided that didn’t work — gave away too much too early.

Another weakness in the plot was that too much of my main counterplot (protag breaks up a dog fighting ring) was clumped at the end (orange stickies on the far right).

Here’s how it looks now.


More slither.

Plot a bit more mixed up.

Progress, I think . . .

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4 Responses to #Amediting

  1. Doc Awk says:

    Hmm. There’s a couple photo books here making ‘slithering’ noises.

  2. Kirsten says:

    Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

  3. Utenzi says:

    I think you’re stretching a bit with that human from snakes analogy. Nice try though. I subscribe to the dreams are electric noise theory so I don’t try to interpret them—so I do have a bias.

  4. Utenzi says:

    I like that Post-its method for sketching out the plot. I’ve never tried that.

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