Ahhhh, spring

tree shadows

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4 Responses to Ahhhh, spring

  1. But… Kirsten… There are no leaves on the trees yet. Can’t be spring!


  2. dad says:

    Yeah–sort of looks like the trees in Texas after the tornadoes come through. BTW, that green stuff on the ground is grass.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Tell you what — we’ll go to Texas to golf with the duke of earle next December — he can come here to golf with us in August ;-)

  4. Ouch, Dad! That was a sharp barb. But those twisters are mostly restricted to the northern part of our state. Like Kansas. Down here near the Gulf coast we get the GREAT BIG twisters, called hurricanes. Especially in the eastern part of our state. Like Louisiana and Florida.

    But, all that said (written?)… C’mon down next December and we’ll chase that little white ball around! And I’ll see y’all in August!


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